Plumbing Manufacturers


HomeSource Solutions for Plumbing Manufacturers

Data management represents an enormous and ongoing struggle for plumbing manufacturers. Not only do most companies have thousands upon thousands of parts and items to keep track of – with new and discontinued items popping up monthly – but it can be nearly impossible to keep wholesale partners and retailers in the loop with up-to-date information.

At HomeSource, we have developed a number of cloud computing solutions that offer straightforward answers to these challenges. Using our suite of products, you can manage your catalog, enhance your marketing, and share data in real time.

Here are some of our products that are especially useful to plumbing manufacturers:

Centerspec Data Aggregation and Delivery

Retailers can’t keep all of your items on a show room floor, but you don’t need them to. Using our Centerspec platform, you can digitize item numbers, sales displays, demo videos, price sheets, and other information for instant accessibility and update entries in real-time.

Centerspec Data Aggregation and Delivery

With a custom app, you can put product specs, inventory, promotions, and other crucial information in one mobile-friendly, easy-to-access format. We can help you create a compact and streamlined sales tool built specifically to match your customers and branding.

HomeSource 365 Displays

Want walk-in customers to hear about your products or specials in retail showrooms? Simply record HD videos and have them broadcasted to independent stores through the cloud. You can even update your clips and see reports with details like display times and viewing frequency.

Web Design and Ecommerce

Every plumbing manufacturer should have a website that allows for direct customer sales and supports ongoing branding efforts. The HomeSource creative team can help you launch a web presence that combines powerful data aggregation tools with fully-functional ecommerce features.

When plumbing manufacturers embrace cutting-edge digital tools, customers and retailers get the information they need to make smart buying decisions. If you’re ready to see how we can use these solutions to help you reach more buyers and run a smarter company, contact us today to set up a free demonstration!