Furniture Retailers


HomeSource Solutions for Furniture Retailers

Furniture retailers face an incredibly difficult sales environment. Styles and fashions are always changing, while manufacturer offerings and inventory can be highly fluid. Adding to the challenge is the fact that it can be difficult to show customers exactly what they want when there is limited space on a showroom floor.

To compete with big-box competitors and online shopping portals, today’s furniture store owners need tools that are more powerful and interactive than printed catalogs or tiny color swatches. They need a way to use technology that is intuitive, affordable, and continuously updated in real-time.

That’s where the HomeSource team comes in. Through years of working with independent furniture retailers, we have developed a suite of cloud-based solutions that can revolutionize your business from top to bottom. Our products include:

Centerspec Data Aggregation and Delivery

Why fumble through printed guides to look up different pieces of furniture, along with their sizes, colors, and availability? Using Centerspec you can easily access this information, along with photos, customer care guides, and other materials from manufacturers.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software

Having real-time data on your furniture business is valuable, but using it to automate bookkeeping and other tasks is even better. Our ERP solution makes it simple to produce customer quotes, manage inventory, and even run payroll. It’s the perfect way to save time and money every week.

HomeSource 365 Displays

Want to make sure walk-in customers hear about exciting new furniture styles or pieces? Use our cloud-based television displays to share manufacturer videos that you select. You can choose the messages, intervals, and more to build interest and invite questions.

Web Design for Furniture Retailers

If your furniture store doesn’t have a top-of-the-line website, you are probably losing business to competitors that do. We can help with everything from fresh designs to advanced ecommerce features that increase walk-in traffic and generate online sales.

Specialized Internet Marketing

There are a lot of places you can turn for help with online marketing, but only the HomeSource creative team has extensive experience with independent furniture retailers. We’ll help you increase your visibility on search engines, social media, and review sites to boost your bottom line.