Centerspec Manufacturers


Centerspec for Manufacturers: Your Real-Time Data Hub

It’s one thing to produce a great product and form relationships with distributors and retailers. It’s another thing altogether to provide data on your catalog in a convenient format, manage new product rollouts, and make the most of your sales channels.

Centerspec is the digital age solution to data aggregation problems. Using groundbreaking proprietary technology, our team can pull information from thousands of sources – including websites, PDFs, and internal documents – to create an all-in-one resource that shares product numbers, descriptions, inventory, support materials, and so much more.

In the process, we make it easier for you to communicate with vendors, retailers, and even employees in real-time. You can use Centerspec to make your manufacturing business more efficient in dozens of ways, including:

  • Database management that allows you to pull tens of thousands of data points together automatically.
  • Fast, accurate, and consistent delivery of documents like product manuals, user guides, rebate cards, and price stickers.
  • Instant sharing of promotional videos, feature announcements, and other sales training materials.
  • Real-time updates to documents, pricing, and inventory so clients and customers always know what’s available.
  • Intuitive user portals that make it easy for your business to update any piece of information within moments.

If you’ve ever felt like your team is overwhelmed with paperwork, or that you could sell more through retailers by using technology more efficiently, this is the product you’ve been waiting for. It opens sales opportunities, enhances product training, and takes away data entry errors all at once. Even better, it brings your manufacturing business into the digital age.

To see just what kind of boost Centerspec could give your manufacturing business contact us to set up a live demo today!