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HomeSource Solutions for Architects and Designers

Every new home design comes with hundreds or thousands of small choices. Architects and home designers – along with their clients – need to make consistent decisions on materials, components, and appliances. Explaining various options and sourcing the necessary products can slow down the construction process and frustrate everyone involved.

Using proprietary cloud technology, HomeSource has developed specialized solutions architects and designers can use to get and share the information they need instantly. Using our software solutions, you can say goodbye to catalogs, printed brochures, and other outdated materials. In their place, you can use intuitive tools to find immediate answers and get quick decisions.

Regardless of the types of construction or remodeling projects you work on, our technology will make your information gathering problems a thing of the past.

Centerspec Data for Architects and Designers

Imagine having one convenient app that contained every photo, promo video spec sheet, item number, and installation guide you would need to customize a home in one instantly-accessible format? Now imagine that same system, being updated by manufacturers in real-time, so the information was never out of date. What if you could take all that data and use it to guide clients step-by-step through a project, or to generate customized quotes?

HomeSource puts all of that functionality at your fingertips. By bringing together millions of data points from plumbing manufacturers, furniture designers, appliance companies, and other vendors, we have created Centerspec, an accurate and searchable resource like none other. This might be the one groundbreaking tool you need to open new doors for your architecture or design firm.

If you’ve been looking for an affordable sales and marketing aid that will also drastically cut down on the time you need to manage every project, you owe it to yourself to see what Centerspec can do.

The more clients you work with, and the more detailed you are in your design projects, the bigger challenge you face in pulling together information from dozens or hundreds of separate sources. To see how HomeSource can bring your architecture or design company into the digital age and make you more efficient, contact us today to schedule a personalized product demo.