Appliance Manufacturers


HomeSource Solutions for Appliance Manufacturers

The appliance industry is moving rapidly into the digital age. Not only is innovation driving model upgrades and improvements, but competitors from all corners of the globe are competing for retail space and customer attention. The manufacturers who can keep up and adapt to the pace of change are finding new ways to grow and market themselves. Those stuck in the past are struggling to keep up.

HomeSource has several solutions that make it easy for appliance manufacturers to put cloud computing and data management on their side. We use groundbreaking apps to streamline your business in ways that weren’t possible a decade ago.

Here are some of the products we offer that can help you take your appliance manufacturing company to the next level:

Centerspec Data Aggregation

When it comes to informing retailers about new products, recalls, and promotions, paper moves too slow. Our cloud-based platform lets you share these details, along with manuals, marketing materials, and inventory info in real-time. Isn’t it time you made it easier to sell your products?

App Development for Appliance Manufacturers

Appliance manufacturers can use custom maps to support sales staff and simplify information delivery. Let your partner see updated inventory, pricing, and print-ready materials from any mobile device. We can help you create the ultimate sales aid that never goes out of date.

HomeSource 365 Displays

Using our network of connected screens, you can upload high-quality videos to be displayed at retail locations where your products are sold. You can even change your videos anytime you’d like and see customized reports on video showing times and video display frequency.

Web Design and Ecommerce

Customers are turning to the web for appliance purchases of every kind, either to research different products or to buy directly from manufacturers. The HomeSource creative team can design, code, and launch your affordable, mobile-friendly, and ecommerce-ready website.

In today’s appliance manufacturing world, there simply isn’t room for business that isn’t keeping up with digital information delivery and marketing. Contact a member of our team today to schedule a live demonstration to see how we can put our products to use for you.